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RDP Youth League

The RDP Youth League is the transmitting belt of the Ideology and Policies of the Rally For
Democracy and Progress (RDP).

Its membership is and or shall be open to every Namibian citizen who accepts the aims and
objectives ofRDP and RDP Youth League and who is between the ages of 16 and 40 years.

The RDP Youth League’s aims and objectives are to rally the youth ofNamibia behind the
ideals and aspirations of the RDP in promoting the socio-economic development of the
country as well as to encourage the full participation of the Namibian youth in productive
work, politics, public life, formal and non-formal education and cultural creativity of our

Contact Details:
P. 0. Box 81500 Olympia, Windhoek
Tel/Fax: +264 (0)61 255973
Fax2E-mail: +264 (0)88615773
Email: rdpyl@rdp.org.na/janonga@gmail.com
Website : www.rdp.org.na

Contact Person (s):
Mr. Marvin Janonga Veseevete
RDP Youth League – Secretary
Cell: +264816442879