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Heads of Departments

1 Department of Information, Communication Technology and Publicity Cde Nghiningilwandubo Kashume
2 Department of Party Organization and Political Orientation Cde Miriam Hamutenya
3 Department of Land, Agriculture and Food Security Cde Hidipohamba Sheuyange
4 Department of Research, Science and Technology Cde Olga Kamoruao
5 Department of Economic and Development Planning Cde Heiko Lucks
6 Department of Legal and Government Affairs Cde Reginald Hercules
7 Department of Housing and Human Settlement Cde Kandy Nehova
8 Department of Labour and Mass Organizations Cde Peter Naholo
9 Department of International Relations Cde Michaela Hubschle
10 Department of Transport and Logistics Cde Nicanor Ndjoze
11 Department of Culture, Arts and Sport Cde Kaffer Trougott
12 Department of RDP Veteran Affairs Cde Erasmus Hendjala
13 Department of Treasury Cde Tukondjelanee Nghihalwa
14 Department of Education and Training Cde Eino Heelu
15 Department of Environment Protection and Tourism Vacant
16 Department of Energy and Mineral Resources Vacant
17 Department of Health and Social Welfare Vacant