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RDP President

17 May 2017

Chickens have come home to roost: RDP is vindicated!

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is turning 10 years on November 2017. This is a mile stone in the political, social and economic lives of those who were directly and or indirectly involved. The establishment of the RDP touched many lives, particularly those brave sons and daughters who were at the fore-front of the formation of a new political organization. They were vilified, called names, denied opportunities, lost friends, rejected by their own families, humiliated and intimidated. These types of primitive and undemocratic treatments instilled fear and confusion among the Namibian people. Some got overwhelmed by fear to the extent that they could neither maintain being openly active in the RDP nor could they be associated with it. Others got completely frightened to join, support or sympathize with this force of change.

But what did visionary pioneers of the RDP see then?

RDP pioneers saw the emergence of a dangerous tendency of disrespecting the Constitution, turning the Parliament into a rubberstamp, loss of vision, creation of cronyism, growing nepotism that imposed unskilled and incompetent people in the public offices and public works, targeting of certain people for dismissal from jobs on the basis of tribe and political differences, instigation of tribal conflicts and promotion of regionalism, selective allocation of national resources, paying of lip-service to the demands of the people for quality education, quality healthcare, decent housing, land for resettlement, employment, safety and security, water and food security. The pioneers of RDP also saw the emergence of theft of public assets, racial and tribal discrimination, escalating violence and rampant corruption. Above all those, the Swapo Party-led government became relaxed in terms of accountability and transparency in its dealings. These vices ran counter to the aims and objectives of our independence that was achieved through sweat, blood and supreme sacrifices by the sons and daughters of Namibia. Indeed, it is these same tendencies and undemocratic behaviors that have led to the collapse of many African countries.

In fact, the founders of the RDP, out of sheer love for their motherland and nothing else, wanted to prevent the collapse of Namibia. Unfortunately, to some Namibians, it was too early for them to understand and appreciate the visionary and resolute establishment of the RDP. It was inevitable for the foresighted and determined sons and daughters of Namibia, young and old, to stand up and be counted in their quest to move their country forward. That step taken has come at a great cost not for self-interest but for the betterment of the Namibian society as a whole. Needless to say, thousands and thousands of fellow Namibians, who are today suffering as a result of weak policies and wide-spread corruption, stood idle while watching innocently as our country descend into decay it is in today. The RDP cannot agree more with the cries of the masses who are today wallowing in abject poverty while the few elites and politically wellconnected are swimming in opulence together with their foreign friends who captured the Namibian state.

At the time of RDP formation ten years back, Namibia was still at a stage where corruption and social strife did not deteriorate to the level it is today. The RDP was calling upon you as a citizen to take responsible action and prevent further sliding of our country into social and economic decay. You did not listen then. Today, more than ever before, the RDP sympathizes with the crying majority of Namibians who are feeling the pinch as they experience suffering on a daily basis. This is unfortunate but it is not too late to do the right thing and rescue our country and the future of our children from a total collapse.

But what do all self-respecting Namibians see today?

Namibians should remind themselves that our country has a great potential. However, every selfrespecting person would agree that: 1) what is lacking is political will, 2) our national priorities are upside down, 3) national interest is replaced by selfish interests of the ruling elites working hand-in-glove with their foreign friends, and 4) the vison is truly lost!

The sum total of all the anti-social vices, imposed on our country by those who pretentiously claim to love it, is what is prevailing country-wide today. Namibia is now well-known for rampant corruption, money laundering, poaching, unemployment, homelessness, high crime rate, alcohol and drug abuse, human trafficking, poor health care, poor quality education system and landlessness. Racial and tribal relations are at the lowest point. And poverty is the order of the day.

More than ever before, RDP stands ready to undo the damage caused by the ruling party, Swapo. Our political program and the manifesto bear testimony to our intentions; what needs to be done to put things right and make Namibia a truly prosperous nation. Nothing should prevent us, together, from making our country a truly land of the brave. In the coming weeks and months, RDP activists will be crisscrossing Namibia to spread information and educate the nation on what to do to stop the rot. The rot can be stopped through free, fair, transparent and credible election. The use of Electronic Voting Machines does not meet this democratic requirement.

Together, We Can Do Better!

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