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Code of Conduct


The RDP Code of Conduct serves as the defining document by which members of the RDP shall conduct themselves. It sets forth the values and ethics to which RDP members will adhere when they acquit themselves of their responsibilities, duties and tasks. It further spells out the expected behavior of leaders and members, not only to each other but towards the public at large. The Code of Conduct will enhance and maintain the public’s and RDP members’ confidence in the integrity of the party, its leadership and members. It will further regulate conflict of interest and disciplinary matters. All RDP members are obliged to adhere to the Code of Conduct. By adhering to this Code of Conduct, RDP leaders and members pledge to advance the cause of the party.


RDP leaders and members shall, at all times, be guided in their political activities by the RDP’s values and principles: democracy, inclusiveness, integrity

Democracy: ensuring power is truly vested in the people

  • RDP leaders and members shall uphold the democratic principle of power being vested in the people through free and fair elections
  • RDP leaders and members, especially those in positions of trust, shall also be held accountable for their actions or inaction.
  • RDP leaders and members shall be transparent and honest at all times.

Inclusiveness: Offering a political home for all Namibians

  • RDP leaders and members shall, at all times, include the diverse ethnic, racial and cultural groups in their recruitment and mobilization drive. Particular attention shall be given to gender balance and the handicapped
  • RDP leaders and members shall actively encourage all interest groups, especially those that feel marginalized, to engage in political activity and exercise their democratic rights.
  • RDP leaders and members must be culturally sensitive at all times, particularly to marginalized and minority groups.

Integrity: promoting a culture of caring, service delivery and accountability

  • RDP leaders and members shall, at all times, respect, adhere to and protect the laws of Namibia, especially the Constitution
  • The moral, political and administrative authority is vested in the RDP leaders. As such they must be held responsible and accountable for their actions if this trust is betrayed.
  • RDP members shall, at all times, respect the authority, moral and otherwise, of RDP leaders.
  • RDP leaders and members shall be highly professional and disciplined at all times.
  • RDP leaders and members shall promote zero tolerance of corruption, crime, intimidation and violence, especially against women and children.
  • RDP leaders and members shall ensure the proper, effective and efficient use of RDP funds.

Behaviour : bearing up to public scrutiny

  • RDP leaders and members must, at all times, demonstrate respect, fairness and courtesy in their dealings with leaders, fellow members and the public at large.
  • RDP leaders and members must, at all times, refrain from: using abusive and foul language; showing aggression; provoking, instigating or inciting violence.
  • RDP leaders and members shall, at all times, refrain from sexual harassment, inebriation, especially in public places, and any other negative behaviours likely to embarrass the party.
  • RDP leaders and members shall not indulge in gossip and rumour-mongering nor shall they deliberately discredit leaders and members or bear false witness.


This relates to all party information that is deemed “classified”. This may be policies, documents, circulars, letters, minutes, general information, etc.

  • Members shall not disclose official information of the party unless express authority to do so has been given or unless a subpoena has been issued by a court of law.
  • Members shall not use any information gained in their official capacity for their personal benefit or for the benefit of other persons or to discredit the party.


  • RDP leaders and members are obliged to protect party facilities, equipment and other property at all times.
  • Use of party equipment ad facilities for private purposes is strictly prohibited. Such abuse must be reported immediately.
  • An inventory of party equipment must be kept up to date.


  • Members, in their official capacity, shall not solicit or accept gifts of any kind whatsoever either for the benefit of the party or their own benefit. Such gifts shall include, inter alia, money, free travel, free accommodation, free meals, entertainment, etc.
  • Any offer of such gifts should be immediately referred to party headquarters for action.


Public comments are media interviews, articles, comments, statements, etc.

  • Only the official spokesperson is authorised to make statements of any kind to the media or to any other entity as may require such.
  • Members shall not publicly comment or discuss the party leaders, members and the party itself in a negative light. Appropriate grievance channels and platforms should be used.