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Elections: Local Authorities

2010 Regional and Local Authorities Elections
During these elections, the RDP secured one Regional Constituency seat (i.e. Windhoek East), and a total of forty eight (48) Local, Village and Town Councils. It had three (3) seats on the Council of the City of Windhoek. The RDP participated only in some strategic constituencies out of 57 constituencies and Local Council areas.

2014 National Assembly and Regional and Local Authorities’ Elections
In 2014 National Assembly elections, held in November 2014, the ruling SWAPO Party introduced the EVM system, manufactured and syncronised in favour of the ruling SWAPO Party to advance the SWAPO Party interests, the EVMs were used without voter verifiable paper audit trail just to distribute votes and seats as SWAPO Part pleases. In the mix of things, RDP was allocated a mere 3.11% votes cast.

This translated into three seats for the RDP in the National Assembly. On the basis of strategic and other considerations, the RDP did not participate in all one hundred and twenty one (121) constituencies.

With regard to the Presidential elections, there were nine (9) candidates, including the late Hidipo Hamutenya, who was the RDP Presidential candidate. In total, sixteen (16) political parties participated in the National Assembly elections. For the Presidential election, RDP Presidential candidate was allocated 30 197 votes (or 3.39%), by the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), out of 890, 738 votes cast. Total registered voters were recorded to be 1,241,194, of which 71.76% voted.

Subsequent to these elections, Cde Hidipo Hamutenya expressed his desire to retire from active politics at the occasion of the RDP Central Committee in March 2015, a decision which was accepted, and supported by the RDP Central Committee.

2015 Regional and Local Authorities’ Elections
The country had its Local and Regional elections on the 27th November 2015.  For the purposes of the Regional elections, the country has one hundred and twenty one (121) constituencies, and the same number of Councillors were to be elected.

For Local Government elections for Village and Town Councils, which numbers fifty seven (57) in total, aspiring candidate Councillors are identified by the Party. However, ‘independent’ candidates too can stand as candidates. There are fifty seven Local Authorities in the country currently.

During 2015 Regional and Local Authorities’ elections, the RDP lost some thirty nine (39) seats it held since 2010, tolling forty nine, and managed to retain only ten seats, in various constituencies.

  • President Jeremia Nambinga (Elected on July 2015)
  • Vice President Steve Bezuidenhout (Re-elected on November 2013)
  • Secretary General Mike Kavekotora (Elected in November 2013)
  • Deputy Secretary General Agnes Limbo (Re-elected in November 2013)

Founded                                      17th November 2007
Headquarters                              20 Schonlein Street

Windhoek West, Windhoek

Website                                       www.rdp.org.na
Youth                                           RDP Youth League
Women                                       RDP Women’ League

Political Ideological Position  Centre-Left (Social Democrat)