POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Jun, 06, 2018 |

Department of Information, Communication Technology and Publicity.                                                                                                                       

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is warning its members, sympathizers and supporters not to allow themselves to fall victims of political hooliganism observed in a number of regions recently. RDP has not yet launched its election Campaign Fund and or National Convention Campaign Fund. Any fund raising strategy is first discussed at National Executive Committee (NEC), then the Central Committee (CC), followed by the Regional Committees.

After the party structures are properly informed about the objectives of Fund raising campaigns, the public gets informed through electronic and print media. This is done to avoid any misconception and misunderstanding and give the donors/Contributors/sponsors a chance to decide which party activity one is willing to sponsor. It is also done to distinguish RDP activities from criminal activities. Currently, it is only the monthly contributions that is sanctioned by the party and no any other.


When the party takes a decision, both members, sympathizers and supporters will be informed accordingly. RDP is facing a future full of financial challenges. The Party will hold its National Convention towards the end of the year and it is facing the General Elections set for 2019. We cannot afford to jeopardize the opportunity to solicit funds from our members, sympathizers and supporters as a result of opportunism. The time to seek funds from our sponsors will therefore be announced at an appropriate time.



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Secretary –Information and Publicity