POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Feb, 09, 2018 |

The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) condemns in strongest terms the barbaric murder of the farming couple at Koës in the //Karas region.  Namibians must learn to value life which is protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Namibian.  Murdering defenseless elderly couple will not benefit anyone, including the murderers themselves.

It must be understood that Namibians do not need murdering one another.  What is needed is peace and tranquility not only to unite the people of our country but to allow hardworking people to develop the land of the brave. Even though we have been polarized by the war and colonial oppression of the apartheid system, we need to respect our independence and shun all violence and criminal behavior.  Life is so precious that it cannot be replaced.

As farmers, the late Botma couple have contributed to the social up-liftment of the immediate community of Koës and created much needed employment in the //Karas region.  Their contribution to the economy of the country cannot be overemphasized.  Hence their killing should be condemned by all peace-loving Namibians who have the interest of this country at heart.

RDP wishes to applaud the urgency with which the Namibian police men and women have acted in apprehending the heartless murder suspects.  It is only hoped that the justice system will do their part to show that crime in Namibia does not pay.  It is about time that the culprits of heinous crimes are held accountable.


Together, We Can Do Better!

Nghiningiluandubo Kashume
Secretary of Information and Publicity
081 310 5114