POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Jan, 30, 2018 |

Namibians should by now realize that the ruling SWAPO Party does not have the will nor does it have the ability to move the country forward. The popular rhetoric of making Namibia an industrialized country by 2030, 12 years from now, will remain a pipe-dream. Vision 2030 that went into force by 2004 has completely failed to show tangible results that can convince discerning voters that what they are told and promised every five (5) years will be realized by 2030.

Far-sighted Namibians who formed the RDP in 2007 have argued that Vision 2030 was introduced by the ruling party just to keep high the hopes of unsuspecting citizens while the elites are busy looting to enriching themselves and their praise-singers. As we can see today, this is not far from the truth. Fourteen (14) years into Vision 2030, as earlier stated above, has produced absolutely nothing then just hot air. When we look at some fundamental key aspects for Vision 2030 to be successfully implemented, you will find that knowledge and technical skills are not fully developed. The education system we have leaves much to be desired in terms of mathematics, science and English.  Moreover, the standard at which the schools are graduating their learners is far too low. In Namibia, it is a common occurrence to hear pupils getting promoted to the next level after having obtained less than 50%. This is a sick joke! Which country achieved industrialization of its economy with such a poor pass rate percentage?

In addition to the above anomalies, quality education in Namibia is far from being realized. The education system is characterized by mismanagement, dilapidated schools, widespread in-competencies; overcrowded classes, ill-disciplined pupils and sometimes teachers, chaotic governance of the education system, lack of educational materials, poor understanding of the country’s curriculum; rampant corruption involving ghost teachers and unqualified teachers who are allowed to teach. The list is endless. Under these circumstances, how in our right minds would we expect the products of such education to turn Namibia into an industrialized country? Even God wouldn’t know.

Today, the rhetoric by the ruling Party has shifted a bit to technical and vocational education and training. Apparently, this will be the killer approach to industrial development, in their view. However, the ruling Party has failed to address themselves to fundamental key aspects; namely that many of such vocational training institutions in Namibia today are run by unqualified managers and administrators.  Furthermore, training itself is done by under-qualified instructors, which leaves quality assurance hanging in the balance. Is it realistic to expect those graduates trained by under-qualified instructors to lead industrialization 12 years from now? Under these circumstances, Vision 2030 is nothing but cheap talk.

If SWAPO Party-led government were to be serious with the moving of our country forward, they could have embarked upon intensive teacher training in the medium of instruction, which is English, mathematics and science. At the same time, the ruling party could have developed education infrastructure and supply sufficient education materials. There could be no excuses by now if they really meant business. Instead of developing the country and its people, the SWAPO Party-led government is focused on corrupt self-enrichment schemes, including ghost teachers, inflated tenders and missing billions all over the show. It is not surprising that the SWAPO Party-led government has failed the Namibian people. Vision 2030 therefore remains a pipe-dream. With rampant corruption and lack of continuous quality education and training, industrialization remains a mere empty dream.


Together, We Can Do Better!

Nghiningiluandubo Kashume

Secretary of Information and Publicity

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