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One of the SWAPO Party presidential hopefuls, Nahas Angula, has once again revealed that SWAPO Party failed decimally to liberate the majority of the Namibian people from the scourge of poverty, unemployment and inequality. This is exactly what RDP has been stating time and again. Since its inception, RDP pointed out SWAPO led government’s failure to address social injustice in our country. The ethos of social justice and progress, as advocated by the RDP, are not translated into actionable programs, a senior SWAPO Party official Nahas Angula, admitted as he promises to ‘save the Namibian nation’ from none other than the SWAPO Party itself.


RDP has long warned the Namibian nation that SWAPO Party has lost vision and instead of looking after the development and the welfare of the society the party has become a club of well-connected few elites. The spirit of solidarity and social justice and progress for everyone has been thrown out of the window leaving the masses suffering under immense social, political and economic deficiencies. Those of you who continue dreaming that SWAPO Party will liberate you from hunger, lack of decent housing, unemployment, poverty and economic distress should now begin to realize that you are deceiving nobody but yourself. The SWAPO Party you have today is the one that fails to inspire not only workers and peasants, as Nahas clearly points out, but also the one that allows the youth, women and the most vulnerable to continue suffering social deprivation. At the same, crime is continuously ravaging the population without any meaningful action being taken to stop it.


Students are not spared either. Students in Namibia are not assisted to focus on careers that are in congruent with the country’s developmental needs.  Some youth are obtaining higher education qualifications they can hardly make use of. The career guide system is so weak that those guiding others are themselves in serious need to be guided. The country’s master plan, if any, is not talking to the curriculum development provided. It is a hopeless situation indeed. 


This unfortunate situation has come about as a result of less informed and less educated people being placed in positions of responsibilities without an understanding of what is expected of them. Under SWAPO Party, the country lost a lot of skills through brain-drain. Not necessarily that well trained people went abroad, no, but knowledgeable and well educated Namibians are feared in a SWAPO Party-led government such that half cooked and praise singers are promoted and given positions at the expense of knowledgeable Namibians. The case of PHD holders being replaced with Diploma holders is a case in point. RDP is calling on all Namibians to stand up and make Namibia a true land of the brave that we all can be proud of.


Nghiningiluandubo Kashume

RDP Secretary of Information and Publicity

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