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The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) has noted and rejects with the contempt it deserves a spate of misinformation doing the rounds about RDP National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which allegedly took place between 3rd and 9th September 2017.

This is a desperate ploy being peddled to deceive, mislead and confuse unsuspecting RDP members and general public for real or imagined benefits of the peddlers only.

The RDP wishes to place on record that no such meeting of the RDP NEC did indeed take place. It is further peddled that the professed meeting had discussed President Nambinga’s lawyer’s letter demanding the nullification of the vote of no confidence. If a meeting of supposedly RDP members, who have common affiliation as RDP NEC members, took place, such a meeting was an occasion of a collection of individual RDP members, talking of issues of common interests, nothing more and nothing less.

It is on record that no RDP NEC meeting took place since the ill-fated NEC meeting of Saturday, 12th August 2017. As a cause of procedure, RDP NEC meetings are scheduled and regular meetings, and notices are send out to all twenty one (21) RDP NEC members. Similarly, there was no request circulated for an Extra Ordinary RDP NEC meeting in the month of September 2017 or at least thus far in order to discuss the alleged letter from President Nambinga’s lawyers.

This is the second time that such misleading information is being peddled in the print media, with purported and seemingly factual basis. The first being another story that RDP Central Committee meeting will meet in October 2017 to discuss the ‘second vote of no confidence in President Nambinga.

The RDP Constitution does not provide for ‘second’ or whatever number of votes of no confidence. The peddlers of these falsehoods and misinformation are better advised to acquaint themselves with the provisions of the RDP Constitution available on RDP website. President Nambinga was elected at the Extra Ordinary Congress, where over 640 RDP delegates were present. The mandate President Nambinga has is to Chair RDP NEC and RDP Central Committee meetings. In this context, President Nambinga is actively involved in the setting of the agendas of both RDP’ National Executive Committee and the RDP Central Committee. As things stand now, the RDP’s NEC has not met in order to finalise the agenda of the RDP Central Committee.

What the peddlers are spreading is not only factually incorrect but also erroneous and grotesquely misleading. We call on honest and dedicated broad RDP membership to be vigilant. Our call on RDP members and sympathisers is to rededicate themselves to the founding principles and values of the RDP, constantly remind themselves of the reasons for which the RDP was formed.

Nghiningiluandubo Kashume
RDP Secretary for Information and Publicity.


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