POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Aug, 14, 2017 |

After serving the Swapo Party and Hage Geingob so well during the last election, free education in Namibia is no more, killed and thrown out the window by President Geingob.  For how long will Namibians allow themselves to be used as stooges and election tools by the corrupt Swapo Party, the so-called sole and authentic representatives of the Namibian people?  When will the nation reach a tipping point and call Swapo Party to order?

Doing away with free education is a total disgrace for which President Geingob must face the nation to answer the people’s questions; is education really the least of priorities to the Swapo Party-led government to be the first to suffer a total cut in subsidies? What value accrues to the nation from hordes of the so-called presidential advisers to warrant education to be sacrificed? How is the bloated Parliament creating more value to the nation compared to education? For whose benefit did President Geingob appoint two deputy ministers per one minister and how does he justify the retention of waste while cutting the tax-payer funded free education? Can the President explain his fun trips to America, England, and France in terms of value for money to Namibia? 

When people who knew the President well warned the nation about his spending extravagance, I brushed it off as pure jealousy but I guess I was wrong. The cumulative effect of previous lousy decisions by Swapo Party pales in comparison to what we are seeing in Namibia today under President Geingob in terms of irresponsible expenditures.  It is ridiculous to hear that President Geingob decided to do away with free education. And I wonder what Katrina Hanse-Himarua’s reaction is to this news after the questions I posed to her in Parliament about this topic, or will she shy away from it as she did on the national broadcaster (NBC) news on August 13, 2017.

Namibia is on course to become yet another African country run by corrupt, irresponsible leaders whose interest is purely self-centred. The dream for a better future for the young generation is fast fading away on a daily basis. Swapo Party must be reminded that they were voted to power to deliver services to the nation and to fulfil the aspirations of the Namibian people.  Swapo Party and the President must be cognizant of the fact that the money that is diverted from critical social necessities such as education is not theirs to spend arbitrarily with impunity on his numerous wastefue expeditions. President Geingob must also be reminded that his role is purely to spend tax-payers money for social good and not for personal gratification at the expense of the nation. 

For your information, Mr. President, the Namibians’ level of understanding since the last election has improved drastically and the blind trust and false prophecy you and your Swapo Party have been relying on for far too long is diminishing at an accelerating rate. Every step you take and any move you make will trigger a reaction from the nation. Your decision to do away with free education while retaining waste and corruption will haunt you from now as we march towards the year of reckoning, 2019. The RDP rejects your pomposity with the contempt it deserves. You might still win election through EVM’s and other rigging methods but history will judge you for what you are and not what you pretend to be. You just evicted all Namibian learners in public schools and their struggling parents from your ill conceived so-called Namibian house. You just turned inclusiveness into exclusiveness and shattered the hopes of our younger generation for a better future.

As current President you stooped so low that after winning election on the free education promise you now have the audacity to shift the blame to a dead former minister ‘for introducing free education’.  However, the issue here is not the introduction of free education.  The problem is you Mr. President.  You are depriving our learners from obtaining quality education by using education as a political football. But that is how the nation is going to judge you and your misruling Swapo Party. Instead of fighting corruption and recover the billions of dollars that this nation has lost to corrupt elites, you have opted redouble the people’s grief through corruption.

The RDP assures the nation that we will redouble our efforts in exposing corruption while fighting for free education as a matter of principle and not as a political game.


Mike R Kavekotora
Secretary General