POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Aug, 03, 2017 |

The Government, through the Ministry of Public Enterprises is failing the country by not taking coherent, consistent and pragmatic decisive decisions on all these failing SOEs. Numerous calls by the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) to privatize Air Namibia fell on deaf ears while the company’s accumulated losses are escalating at an astronomical rate. Notwithstanding that the Government is licensing bigger and more stable airlines thereby impacting negatively the competitive advantage of the national airline.

Honorable Jooste must explain to the nation how Government intends to revitalize the technically bankrupt Air Namibia amidst such a competitive environment and why taxpayers must be used to bail out a dying horse that perpetually on life support. The Government must swallow their pride and privatize Air Namibia sooner rather than later. Namibia is faced with numerous challenges and taxpayer’s money should be optimally used for societal pressing needs such as text books for our learners and medicine in our public hospitals.

Once again we are faced with yet another SOE failing to pass on money collected for other institutions. How can a awake minister condone such a fraudulent practice? Why are the ministers treating those guilty of malpractices with soft gloves as if they are their partners in crime? This only confirms once more that corruption has become an acceptable norm in the Swapo Party-led Government. Until when?

It was recently reported that the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) failed for a considerable period of time to pass on medical aid funds, that management deducts from their employees’ salaries, to service providers. Similarly Air Namibia is collects airport taxes on behalf of Namibia Airport Company (NAC), yet they fail to pass on that money. Surely this state of affairs calls for stronger actions from Government if the Government was seriously fighting corruption. If heads in these institutions are not made to roll, then fighting corruption will remain a mere blowing of hot air as Government continues as usual to pay lip services to pressing needs of the society.

Our national airline is now threatened with eviction. This shamefully unfolding scenario must be the first of its kind in our Republic. If the Government is not worried about the state of affairs at most of these SOE’s then the Namibians must be gravely concerned about Swapo Party’s ability to genuinely and effectively manage the affairs of the State.

Mike Ratoveni Kavekotora
Secretary General