POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Jul, 12, 2017 |

Trans Namib is a key player in our economy and no longer need incompetent board members who fight for their own personal gains and interests. The company has been bleeding for far too long because of political interference, wrong choices of board members, and poor decisions processes.

Trans Namib is facing many challenges ranging from a dilapidated railway system, old rolling stock, inability to retain the right skills and competencies, and can barely afford a board fighting over personal issues. Get Trans Namib right; take off the heavy loads from our roads, stop fighting and make Trans Namib great again. The Minister of Works and Transport or Minister of Public Enterprise must step in and fire the entire Trans Namib board if it is confirmed that two board members are clashing over the process of appointing the next CEO. The two board members simply do not fit for being board members of such a critical institution. The recruitment process of such an important position cannot be put in doubt especially not by board members, entrusted with the fiduciary responsibilities of seeing to it that the mission and vision of Trans Namib is attained. It is shocking to learn that possibilities exist that board members could tamper with scoring results to favor their preferred candidates. This nonsense must stop and the preferred candidate must be that candidate with the right competencies and management skills to steer Trans Namib to success.

Minister Leon Jooste must come out clearly and explain to the nation whether the current Trans Namib board was really appointed based on their competencies or on political patronage and jobs-for-comrades. What is happening at Trans Namib is a mockery of competent governance; hence the two ministers must step in and correct the situation before it gets further out of hand. The only logical solution now is to halt the on-going chaotic recruitment process, fire the entire board of directors and start anew the process of recruiting competent Namibians to run Trans Namib profitably.

By: Mike Ratoveni Kavekotora, Secretary General