POSTED BY RDP Namibia | Jun, 20, 2017 |

It is with considerable interest and great relief that the RDP leadership and broad membership listened and read the observations made by former Prime Minister, former Education and Defence Minister, Mr. Nahas Angula, of what the RDP leadership has told this nation that SWAPO Party lost vision. The views expressed and the causes of strive, lack of internal democracy and open debate, cartels of self-serving groups were that reasons which precipitated the formation of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).

We have been observing with disquietness and great concern how the values of freedom, justice, Solidarity and independence, which were the backbone of the liberation struggle were pushed to the backburner, when self-interest, cartels of tenderpreneurs and the well connected to the powerful cliques and elites have captured SWAPO Party, and in so doing the State and its resources, over which SWAPO Party and the Government of the day, stands guardian and has custodianship and accountability to the public.

The view and circumstances which led to the formation of the RDP, was an exact confirmation of what Mr. Nahas Angula, Former Prime who stated, when he remarked, as reported in the media that SWAPO Party “had been hijacked by elites”, “seemed to have drifted away” from original ideals and values and has failed to defend ‘‘the interest of the masses at large’’. Indeed, former Prime Minister Angula, further observed that ‘‘many of our youth today have sold their souls to materialism. Some of them have sold themselves to the highest bidder among the tenderpreneurs and ‘have succumbed to the politics of the belly,.” The RDP can add that this is happening while the majority of the genuine freedom fighters are suffering and wallowing in abject poverty.

Indeed, the farsighted leadership of the RDP could not be placid observers, when the country’s people are suffering and natural resources being looted for the benefit of the few: from fishing, minerals, diamonds, fencing off of large tracks of communal land, bribing of Traditional leaders, preferential allocations of resettlement farms, ‘jobs for Comrades’, just to mention but a few.

All these are happening when ordinary citizens are forced to eke out a living from the dumpsites, building corrugated iron shacks as shelter, renting rooms in corrugated iron shacks, and sleeping under bridges, or abandoned and dilapidated ‘Government houses’due to acute shortage of accommodation in the country. Under these circumstances, fundamental human rights of decent houses have been totally violated and compromised.

Furthermore, the sufferings are being experienced by ordinary citizens, who have to make do with their children being taught under trees and in tents, particularly where school classrooms are not available and decent hostel accommodation not existing.

Ordinary Namibians have to endure standing in long queues at Government Hospitals and Clinics for second rate healthcare, and accept medicines running out of stock at Government pharmacies. More recently, we have observed with great humiliation pregnant and expecting mothers and women bathing in the open and in full public view. For how long will this be allowed to continue?

The SWAPO Party elite and their friends do not have to experience these situations. They send their children on Chinese Government scholarships. They send their children to private schools, and they make use of private hospitals and private healthcare, because they can afford it. They have forgotten that they have been put in these positions by the same ordinary citizens they are ignoring today.

They have forgotten that they had been made guardians of the natural resources of Namibia, and should not treat these resources as if these resources are their own. They allocated fishing quotas and fishing rights to themselves, their families, friends and well-connected several times over, without shame or moral qualm. They drive around in darkened and tinted car windows so that they apparently cannot see poverty, and unemployed youth sitting around street corners, and young children begging at traffic intersections. Their comfort, greed and desire to want more, is without limitations, and or moral compunction. Indeed, nefarious and sickening.

SWAPO Party led Government had indeed designed specific and general schemes which enabled SWAPO Party leaders and their cronies to loot. Some such schemes are well known. These would include the National Fuel Storage Facility under consideration, Xaris Energy Scheme in which SWAPO Party leaders have equity, theft at the Government Institutions Pension Fund, tenders awarded to tenderpreneurs, who run away from sites, for the job only to be completed by other well-connected foreign companies. This attitude for sure will not move the country forward, and Namibia is bound to fail.

Together we can do better!!

Nghiningiluandubo Kashume
081 310 5114