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The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) wants to congratulate the newly consecrated bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran church in Namibia, ELCIN, Bishop Reverend Dr SVV Nambala and Bishop Reverend Josephat Sanghala, respectively. We wish them well in leading the biggest church in Namibia. We know and fully understand the challenges they face in leading the herds of sheep of God, the followers of Christ.


The RDP has taken note of the address by the new ELCIN leadership on the 13th March 2011, of what must be expected from them as leaders of ELCIN. In his address, on behalf of the new leadership, Bishop SVV Nambala said “Some people vote leaders to lead them in what they are doing so that they can do it properly if they are well led.” He also appealed to the members of the congregation of God to fight for peace, Justice and for the well being of all human beings. He further went on to say that as elected leaders they will fight against tribalism, ethnicity and against discrimination of whatever nature in general.


Most importantly, he promised that they will speak the truth and are prepared to die for it if need be. This is indeed a very important undertaking by the ELCIN new leadership. We know that speaking the truth has become difficult nowadays in Namibia. Many people today are afraid to speak the truth for fear of being seen as offending certain people particularly those in power.


Justice in our opinion is the foundation and a cornerstone of peace and a base on which any given country will be able to develop and address critical issues like unemployment, ignorance, poverty and the like. We therefore hope that with this undertaking, the church of God will be able to address itself to the injustices done in this country. Injustice has reared its ugliest face here in a form of corruption in a broader context.


President Pohamba who promised this nation that he will fight injustice in a form of corruption at his inauguration as president ended up not only protecting it but also promoting it since he has failed to take dramatic action against corruption.


Today we have a Namibia divided into two parts: there is a prosperous Namibia for the few who are well connected and the impoverished Namibia for the majority of the citizens. Jobs in the government are reserved for the so called struggle kids at the expense of many other kids born in Namibia. The SWAPO led government should know that every human being, a Namibian for that matter, need bread and butter on his/her  table in order to live whether or not he is a SWAPO member.


This injustice of dividing people in an independent and democratic Namibia is not conducive for peace and political stability. People cannot have peace when they are denied opportunities to earn and live a decent life, fundamental human rights, shelter, food and sanitation.


Injustices have also manifested itself during the election period when the government created election centers for non Namibians to illegally vote in our country and thereby influence the results in favor of the ruling SWAPO party.


Currently, our supposed to be public Broadcaster (NBC) has been converted into the ruling party’s instrument of political propaganda at the expense of other political parties. Today we have enforced the disappearance of some Namibians to foreign countries, like the recent reported incident of Mr. Sam Mwaikange who was handed over to the Angolan government without following the international recognized procedures.


Today, the Namibians have lost privacy because their telephones are bugged and being intercepted. This evil act and many others must be addressed by the church in order for the people of God to enjoy acceptable living standards.


We pray and hope that the church will return to the times of Bishop Awala, the times of moderator Paulus Gowaseb, the times of Bishop Tobias Maiz, Bishop Winter and Wood, Bishop James Kauluma, and the former CCN Secretary General Dr. Abisai Sheyavali.


Once again, we are happy of the Newly Elected ELCIN Bishops’ undertaking, particularly that they will speak the truth at whatever cost.


RDP wishes you well and pray for you.





By:           Jeremiah Nambinga

Secretary for Information, Communication Technology and Publicity



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