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The Namibian public was/is shocked by revelations of that revealed that former President Sam Nujoma is the 2nd richest person in Namibia (after Harold Pupkewitz who is reportedly worth N$ 2.9 billion) and surpassing business moguls such as Frans Aupa Indongo, Carl List Family and Ben Hauwanga. The public is very much aware that it is not inappropriate or criminal for a citizen to be rich. However, one’s richness must be above board and legitimately earned. The public equally knows that getting rich is a long process as opposed to sudden accumulation of wealth. Sudden richness invites more questions than providing answers.

If the allegations made are confirmed to be true, that the former President, Mr. Sam Nujoma, is the 2nd richest person in Namibia then the nation has the right to be puzzled and become inquisitive. Because, many Namibians have sacrificed their lives in the liberation struggle so that the wealth of the country can be distributed fairly and among all Namibians. Many Namibians today are languishing under abject poverty and lack of decent housing, food insecurity, poor healthcare and high unemployment rate estimated to be over 51%.

It is granted that the former president continues to receive his full and untaxed monthly salary, including perks and grants equal to those of a sitting president. But it would be highly doubtful that even if the former president would be classified as a master of savings, his total income would not reach an amount in the proximity of N$ 2.9 billion to make him second richest person in Namibia.

The rather sudden opulence of the former president provokes the public as well as the few SWAPO leaders who remain honest and untainted by mounting corruption in the country to pose legitimate questions as follows:

Unless and until the former president who continues to wild powers in SWAPO and over the government braves to provide answers and explanations regarding his alleged
personal wealth, the public will remain highly skeptical about his sudden accumulation of massive wealth.

The RDP therefore calls upon President Pohamba to institute a panel of independent   investigators to provide answers to the alleged massive wealth of the former president, failing which we will be left with no doubt that the majority of the SWAPO leaders have abandoned the ideals for which thousands of Namibians sacrificed their lives and are embarked on the road of lootings and self enrichment.



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