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As we are approaching the festive season for well-deserved Christmas break, reflect on the challenges and challenges 2015 threw at us, I would like to share with you my thoughts on 2015. Such reflection is needed for all of us to make most of this break to recharge for a demanding 2016, and take it on with new sense of commitment and determination.

It is recorded that Namibia was colonized for a period of one hundred and six years. The desire for freedom from colonialism was waged during the first phase of primary resistance by heroic and gallant traditional leaders. They came from proud and enduringly culture, desirous of being masters of their own destiny. This proud tradition of resistance was continued by the period of organised secondary struggle for the liberation of Namibia.

At independence, this commitment for liberation from the joke of apartheid colonialism was crowned with independence on 21st March 1990. However, in the intervening period, South West African People’s Organisation rule had proven itself as visionless.

The South West African People’s Organisation had shown that it was good at replacing colonial administration and system with South West African People’s Organisation system of rewards for incompetence, entitlement, patronage for praise singers and uncritical accommodation of Johnny’s come late. Others well-known joined the bandwagon of South West African People’s Organisation, and occupying positions in the Executive. The same were part of the oppressive colonial system as members.

South West African people’s Organisation, through this vortex of forces is now the chief of maladministration of Namibia.

The evidence can be seen in the depth of poverty, 42% Namibians going hungry while others spent N$700 per day on meals, inexcusable levels of unemployment, especially youth unemployment, poor health services and dilapidated health infrastructure which Namibians had to be content with, whilst members of the elite use private healthcare or fly out of the country for medical treatment, poor housing service delivery, and dysfunctional education system.

I have come to this reflection over a period of time that there is growing belief which is taking root in the minds and consciousness of Namibians that independence is associated with South West African People’s Organisation. The result of this belief is that Namibian voters became blinded by voting inertia and vote uncritically for South West African People’s Party.

I believe firmly that, as Namibians, we are our own masters, and architects of our destiny. Our future is in our own hands. We should not allow anyone to take away this conviction and belief. We should ultimately be our own saviours. We must refuse to be slaves and cattle voters for others.

Finally, my wish and prayer for Namibians of all walks of life is to reflect on the past year, and vote in the future with a purpose to rescue Namibia from the scourge of patronage, corruption, incompetence and entitlement, whilst the majority are condemned to poverty, unemployment and homelessness.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your families Merry Christmas, good health and all the best for 2017.

Jeremiah Nambinga

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