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Download images, videos and documents from RDP Headquarters in Windhoek, Namibia.
  1. CC Meeting opening speech 11/01/2014 - (PDF 200KB)
  2. CC Meeting Resoluitions (2014 -2018) 11/01/2014 - (PDF 200KB)
  3. Official RDP Central Committee List 15/11/2013 - Signed (PDF 2MB)
  4. Official RDP Central Committee List 15/11/2013 - Signed (PDF 2MB)
  5. RDP resolutions of the Central Committee July 2013 (500KB)
  6. National Alternative Policies of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (200KB)

Follow The Progress

Follow The Progress

Anton von Wietersheim The DRC settlement exists for many years as a defined and zoned temporary settlement, where people were authorized to put up temporary shacks and were very basic community services were implemented (few central waterpoints & longdrop latrines). The process of formalizing this temporary arrangement by servicing erven and developing permanent housing took [...]

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RDP Vice President, RDP President, Find out more about RDP

Launched on the 17th November 2007, the RDP was founded by a group of forward-looking Namibians in response to a host of socio-economic and political problems confronting Namibia today.
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Who we are

Learn more about the people in your political party.

Learn more about the people in RDP Namibia political party.

Our website has updated lists of official RDP representatives in Namibia and around the world. Find out who is in the National Executive Commitee, Central Commitee and all major Heads of Department.
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